Are you an independent tire & auto business looking to ‘future-proof’ your operations? Are you interested in increasing client value and retention?

By hosting our inventory and sharing it with your client base, you’re enhancing your value proposition to your client base, allowing various stakeholders, including your service staff, the opportunity to learn, love, and drive electric!




Want to know who’s driving the future? Here’s a (growing!) list of our current EV Hosts

Monetize, Monetize, Monetize

Monetize your existing loaner car or consumer transport programs by hosting our Inventory, allowing your business to benefit from the Revenue to better manage your fixed costs.

Drive Consumer Value

Enhance existing customer loyalty and engage new consumer segments through our shared Inventory

Expand Your Service Offering

Expand your service offering and capabilities, using Rental Revenue to increase EV/PHEV service training, future-proofing your business and your service staff.

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring, by sharing our Inventory you get the benefit of becoming a hot spot for all things electric vehicles, helping us to grow our network!

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