Are you an independent tire and auto business looking to future-proof your operations? Are you interested in increasing client value and retention?

Hosting Our EVs and sharing them with your client base means you’re enhancing your value proposition, allowing both your customers and your staff the opportunity to learn, drive, and love electric!



Monetize, Monetize, Monetize

Monetize your existing loaner car and consumer transport programs, by hosting our inventory, allowing your business to benefit from a new revenue stream, better managing your fixed costs!

Drive Consumer Value

Enhance existing customer loyalty through numerous cross-promotional offers on legacy tire and auto products and EV Fast Charging Network Cards!

Expand Your Service Offering

Expand your service offering and capabilities, offering your auto service staff the opportunity to take part in EV/PHEV technical training courses and applying these skills and abilities for our customers, enhancing your service offering to new/existing clients, future-proofing your operations!

Sharing is Caring

Sharing is caring, by sharing our inventory you get the benefit of becoming a hot-spot for all things electric vehicles, attracting totally new market segments and helping us to grow the network!

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