EV Net customer and Electric Autonomy Managing Editor, Emma Jarratt, recently shared her experience as a first time EV owner tackling a Canadian winter. Spoiler alert… according to Emma her Nissan Leaf (named Daisy Rose) is “thriving while driving in the winter”.

Let’s face it, winter is not easy on any car, gas or electric. Many gas car drivers have experienced the nervous moments of starting an engine during a typical Canadian deep freeze. The initial reluctance for it to turn over while the usually fluid and lubricating oil has turned to a sticky molasses. Our more northern climates rely on block heaters for a reason. By contrast, an electric motor has no hesitation getting going in the coldest temperatures Canada can throw at it. Although EV battery performance and range is reduced as temperatures drop, getting it going is rarely an issue. EVs also have a number of benefits in the winter over their gas vehicle counterparts which Emma highlights well in her article.

Read Emma’s experience with EV winter driving at Electric Autonomy.

And thanks Emma for letting us share your story!