EV Net provides the following services through our network of EV Rental and Service Hosts.

High Voltage (HV) EV Battery Testing and Reporting

Using the latest in Scan Tool Technology, OK Tire & Auto, Etobicoke are trained to perform battery testing and reporting, providing our clients residual capacity measurements, and consumer piece of mind.

4-Wheel Alignment and Advanced Balancing

All cars experience uneven tire wear. EVs provide high torque along their speed curve. Powerful torque can cause slightly increased tire wear. These cars demand advanced balancing given the increased torque and low center of gravity.

Quality Tire Sales, Storage, and Rotation

We have strong relationships with many tire and auto shops across our network including OK Tire & Auto, Etobicoke. Through our network we provide quality tire models recommended for electrified vehicles, rotations, and off-season storage.

Full Detailing and MVI Services

We provide full detailing and MVI services prior to sale and anytime thereafter. Full detailing and MVI services are available as we continue to build our service network.

Brake Work for EVs/PHEVs

One-pedal driving and regenerative braking greatly extend the life of brake pads and assemblies for electrified models. However, a lack of brake exercise may cause issues during ownership. We recommend electrified models have their pads and assemblies inspected semi-annually.

We are proud to partner with the following companies to service our clients:

OK Tire

EV Net provides the following services through our network of EV Rental and Service Hosts. For Service bookings, Please fill in the following form:





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