The best way to try an electric car in Canada

We answer ALL your questions

In an ideal world, the first time you get in an electric car you would have someone you trust walk you through everything you need to know, just like your parent or driving teacher did when you first learned how to drive.

If this is your first time trying electric, we highly recommend booking the full experience. Those looking to try a second car should book a test drive or rent an EV instead. With an Experience:

  1. An EV Advisor answers your questions
  2. You take a car home
  3. You experience life with an electric car

What's included?

The Intro Consultation – 30 mins

An experienced EV Advisor walks you through all of your personal questions about EVs. They can cover questions like:

  • Options – “What models are available in Canada?”
  • Range – “How far does it go?”
  • Charging at home – “Can I charge the car with a normal plug?”
  • Charging outside – “What chargers are located near my house or cottage?”
  • Controls – “What do all the buttons do?”
  • Tips & Tricks – “What apps should I install on my phone?”

The X-Day Rental

With each package you can choose the car and the length of time for your experience. This gives you the hands-on time living with an electric car day in and day out. See below for options and prices.

The Follow-up Consultation – 30 mins

Once you finish your experience, sit down with one of our EV Advisor to answer all your follow up questions.

  • Feedback – what you love about the experience and what could be improved.
  • TCO – Run through a total cost of ownership comparison vs. an internal combustion engine
  • Incentives – What’s available in your province?
  • Chargers – What to ask an electrician about installing a charger
  • Environment – How do batteries affect the environment, do they degrade over time?

The Phone-a-Friend

Forgot to ask something? Call an Advisor who knows which end to plug into the wall – between 8am and 8pm.

Book your Electric Experience

1. Choose an Experience

Note: Currently available from our Toronto location (15 Lockport Ave, Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2R6)

The Eco Box

The Eco Box

Economical, efficient & easy to park.

Pack Rat

The Pack Rat

Planning to fill-er-up… with stuff not fuel?

The Sampler

The Sampler

Indecisive? Try up to three models.

2. Choose a length

Note: If you need a custom length, pick the closest duration and let us know in the message section below.

24 hrs

Sleep Over

Take one home, plug it in, have a pillow fight… but not with the car seats.

3 days

Weekend Warrior

Go on a hike, grab some groceries, live a little… until next week.

7 days

Rockstar Marriage

Fall in love, make the commitment, write a ballad, change your mind.

3. Choose a collection option

Note: Delivery is currently only available from our Etobicoke location. Time and distance restrictions may apply.

Take Away

Come pick up the keys

Pickup at our location and see our range of electric cars.

Park n’ Go

Swap out your car

Park your current car here and drive away in an EV.


We bring the EV to you

Don’t have time to visit us? We’ll bring the car to you.

It’s that easy!

Fill in your details and we’ll contact you to book a time to start your Electric Experience!


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