In February 2021, KPMG polled 2000 Canadians on electric vehicle adoption. 

The survey found that “​Seven in 10 Canadians (68%) who plan to buy a new vehicle within the next five years are likely to buy an electric vehicle (EV), either pure or hybrid.”

And although The challenges for many (60%) are the high purchase price of new electric vehicles and that 77% want a minimum of 400km on a full battery, we’re here to tell you that things are changing. 

Pre-owned EVs are now more accessible, with lower prices suited for people from all walks of life. 


Benefits of buying a pre-owned EV:


1.  Save on the initial vehicle purchase price vs paying for a new price tag and added features.


2. Less depreciation. Data from CARFAX shows you can lose about 10% of the value of the car in the first month alone and up to 20% over the course of the first year. 


3. Save on gas prices. Electricity is produced domestically and is more affordable than gas. 


4. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electricity is predominantly made from renewable sources. Every time you charge your EV, you’re supporting the local economy and reducing air pollution. 


5. Save on insurance premiums on used EVs compared to new EVs, 


6. Reliability and long lasting. Electric motors are extremely efficient and have new durable technology. This translates to minimum maintenance and a much longer lifespan than internal combustion engine cars. 


7. EV batteries are 90% recyclable. Companies are re-purposing used EV batteries for second-life energy storage. 


8. Take advantage of scrap it programs and used vehicle incentives from plug’n drive. (AND ask your government to incentivize used EVs as well so that Canadians in all social groups can have access to these benefits.)  


9. The driving experience is like none other. 


Perhaps you’re curious to experience an EV for yourself? 

Perhaps you’d like to take home an EV for a few days to test it out. 

EV Network can help you. Let us answer your questions on how you can benefit from an electric vehicle.

We’re offering rental and sales of pre-owned EVs.