EV Net, plus our new EV investor, are helping to make electric car ownership accessible to all and we’re making sure you have a great experience from the very first time you try one. Whether you call them “EVs”, “electric cars” or even just “my car” , understanding how the switch to electric makes our lives better is a great start in understanding how important this will be for our future.

Led by our passionate founders, Darryl Croft, Johnny T Beckett and John Gordon and recently joined by investors Sean and Daniel Hart, we’re helping to reshape what it means to own a car and how it feels to be part of the electric lifestyle.


Electric cars are affordable


Often, one of the first discussions we have is whether or not electric cars are truly affordable. Many are quite right with their understanding that due to high battery costs, early electric cars started at the high end of the market. This helped establish them as a luxury item and that you had to pay for the right to help save the environment.

That was then and this is now. The situation has completely changed. A recent study found that used electric cars are providing that much needed stepping stone allowing families with second cars, or even lower-income households, to start saving. The same study shows that many households can save money today and that 45% of households by 2025 and 95% of households by 2030 would see savings.

What that means is: we’re already here folks. You truly can save money with the electric cars that we already have on the market.


The best kept secret in the auto industry


The WOW moment

One of the biggest joys we get is every time a new owner comes back from their first test drive.


WOW! I didn’t realise they’re so fast!
– practically everyone


This brings a smile to our face each time and we can’t help but say to them. “Now you know the secret!”
YouTube is abound with videos of Tesla’s drag racing Ferraris and “souped-up” muscle cars (and winning!) but few people realise that the same joy can be had for a fraction of the cost.


What creates that fun-to-drive feeling?

Without getting too technical it comes down to a few key points:

  1. Acceleration – our Nissan Leaf can out accelerate most Mustangs
  2. Cornering – that big heavy battery gives you a low center of gravity
  3. Handling – responsive steering that really allows you to feel the road

All electric cars have the first two, and most have the third. This is why we want you to come take one for a spin! CEO Darryl Croft puts it this way:


“Electric cars often surprise customers by how easily they fall in love with them but buying your first electric car can prove to be more challenging than you might expect.
Nothing beats taking a fully electric model home to try it for several days while having a team of experts on hand who can answer all your unique questions.”


The truth is: They’re better, quicker, have newer features and people can save time and money by driving electric, especially a pre-owned car. It’s getting over the initial hump that’s the challenge.


It’s all about your experience


By making the onboarding experience easier for first time EV owners, people are more likely to make the switch and understand the benefits they’re getting from their new car.

We’ve spent the time leveraging technology to automate much of the renting process which gives us more time to guide you through this change to a new lifestyle. We set up private consultations, checking you have everything you need, that you know how and where to charge your car and that you’re taking advantage of all of the incentives available.

We let you take a car home for a multi-day rental so you can plug it in, see how much groceries you can fit in the back and make sure it all works for you. All this to allow you to consider various options before making a commitment.


Why investors are backing our approach


In May 2021 we made the exciting decision to add new partners to our business through raising capital from EV Angels. We are fortunate to not only have the financial support for growth, but more importantly to have a shared purpose and vision of the future.

Sean Hart, a long time EV advocate and technology professional, comes with years of supporting advocacy groups nationwide through his work as Vice President of EV Society and his personal founding of the Windsor-Essex Electric Vehicle Association in 2013 (now part of EV Society). He brings his wealth of applied computer technology to the company and will spearhead our future technology developments.

Daniel Hart, Sean’s brother, brings his rapid growth business acumen to the team having founded, led, and sold a prop-tech company in Dubai in 2017.


We’re accelerating the transition to sustainability


The world is transitioning to electric vehicles, that’s for certain. You can see it with the announcements by every major car manufacturer in the world and by the way governments are getting behind them. But… not everyone is able to buy a new car and learn directly from a dealership. This is where we come in and where we have the power and ability to accelerate this transition.

With 70% of Canadians looking to buy an EV within 5 years and the market share of EVs growing 21% year-over-year you can be sure EV Net will be recognized as a true leader in the next chapter of the Canadian automotive industry.

Take a look at our used electric cars for sale and our used electric cars for rent.