Hi EVeryone!

My name is John Gordon VP, Operations here at Electric Vehicle Network, or EV Net for short. I’ve been in the business of importing and selling high quality pre-owned electric cars in Newfoundland since 2013. I’ve imported and sold literally hundreds of models here since then and continue to move units, even during this once in a century global pandemic.

The following is a brief summary of what I’ve learned along the way in providing value to my clients in the province. I feel that what I’ve learned can serve as a template for the nation in approaching used EV opportunities.


Used EV Buyers Guide


I serve many customers here in the province that occasionally look to Quebec or other provinces to buy their used (pre-owned) electric vehicles vs. from our dealership. The feedback I’ve gotten from those lost opportunities is that in the end, avoiding a dealer caused many a headache and was not worth it. I do my best to shed light on the advantages of purchasing through EV Net vs. traditional dealers.


Battery Capacity:


What is the battery capacity or state of health for the vehicle? Most dealers are not able to provide a good answer to this question. Sometimes customers send me a link to a hot smoking deal for a Nissan Leaf or another EV from Quebec and I’ve pointed out that the battery is only at 9/12 bars and they instantly see the value of purchasing from an experienced group, such as EV Net. EV Net uses scan tools, 3rd Party Applications, and data acquisition and analysis, along with tried and true capacity testing (road driven testing) in determining State of Health (SoH).

More on this topic in the coming weeks and months. Be sure to check our EV News section!


Charger Bundling:


Is a level 1 or level 2 charger included with your purchase? Sometimes the level 1 charger is not included with the vehicle and a factory replacement could be up to $1,500. As a general promise to consumers, EV Net will always include a level 1 charger with our vehicles and can easily upgrade you to a level 2.

As we build out our online store, bundling level 2 will become the norm!


Vehicle Accidents:


Has the vehicle been in an accident and does it have a Clean CarFax? Although not everyone of our vehicles will have a Clean CarFax the vast majority will as a matter of quality. EV Net is in the process of editing our vehicle photos to transparently show any scuffs, dings, chips, etc. Furthermore, we also fully disclose if there is an accident over $3,000 to our customers. By and large customers want to know this right away, prior to test drive(s) or purchase.




Damages such as wear and tear, rust, etc. can ruin an otherwise decent purchase experience. With our high quality rigorous inspection process, we normally have minimal imperfections on our vehicles. Some of our older trade-ins may have some imperfections but these are always disclosed prior to purchase. As mentioned above, our high quality photos will also show any remaining imperfections.


Hidden/Extra Dealer Fees:


Some dealerships charge high fees for processing etc. of upwards of $1,000 and sometimes over that. Our listing price is the price you pay, with only tax and registration in your home province as extras!


Rebates & Incentives:


Provinces such as Quebec (and now NS, PEI, and hopefully NL) have significant rebates or other incentives for purchasing pre-owned. These rebates and incentives are typically opened to full time residents of those jurisdictions only meaning folks from outside cannot access them. Many dealers show the post rebate or incentive retail price. Just as an example, it would cost $4,000 more for a resident outside of Quebec.




Depending on the province, we are able to inspect and register the vehicle on behalf of our clients. If they purchase from a private party or out of province this expense and labour falls on the client and could take a lot of time and could be costly if the vehicle has issues that need to be repaired to pass a typical inspection.

EV Net provides this service, and final detailing on your behalf!




Emailing $40,000 to a random dealership or individual local or out of the province can be risky. By purchasing from a local, experienced dealer you can feel comfortable that you money is going to the right place.

EV Net is currently building an online store with EFT, Financing, and Delivery Options!

Regardless if you buy online or at our local Dealerships, EV Net is here for you!


EV Upgrades:


We are able to offer add-on(s) and upgrades that fit consumers’ needs and budget. These typically include but are not limited to: level 2 charges, quality floor mats, tire and rim packages (including storage in urban dense areas), and many more after-market products. We also buy Used EVs! When upgrading to your next EV, think EV Net!

These items will appear in our forthcoming online store, as mentioned.


EV Experts:


When you think EV Experts, think EV Net! We are your local EV experts and can answer all of your questions and advise on such items as charging station requirements as well as alternate vehicles such as full battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) and/or Plug-in Hybrids (PHEVs). We are a multi-brand dealership and we can talk, one-on-one about the benefits and draw backs of each make and model vs. a traditional dealership that can end up putting up barricades to driving electric. This has happened to far too many people, even today, when buying an electric car.


We feel the above paints an excellent picture of things to keep in mind when buying a used electric car or plug-in hybrid. We hope you continue to place your trust in us at Electric Vehicle Network (EV Net) and we’ll continue to be there for you, every step of the way to driving electric!

All for now, with more to come.


All the Best,